Ironman from the other side

Last weekend I accompanied and supported a client (Mark) who had entered his first Ironman, Ironman UK at Bolton, England. In fact, his first triathlon! It was great to spend time with him and help him through the rigours of the race weekend.

After all the training it’s still not a case of just turning up and racing, there is a lot to do, register, race briefing, pasta party, reccy the courses, prep transition bags, sign in and rack bike, get timing chip, last check of the swim course and for me, reccy the three discipline courses for the best places to watch and cheer from. All in all, almost as tiring for the support crew as the athletes!

On Sunday morning the alarm went off at 03:15 hours and after breakfast and last minute jobs we left the hotel at 04:00 hours. Arrival at the swim start area at 04:30 we were met with the scene of a sea of other athletes. Some nervous, some OK and some petrified. There was a large number of ‘virgin’ ironman competitors.

After making sure Mark was prepped and ready I got to the swim area and watched him start the race at 06:00 hours. The swim went really well and he was out the water quicker than we had estimated (1:35:47) and through transition and on to the bike.

The bike is a tough 3 lap loop with one extensive climb on each loop and this took up 7:48:21 hours of the day.

The run was another three lap affair and it was also now raining on and off with some of the showers really heavy. This actually suited Mark as it was ideal temperatures. The run completed in 5:38:02 and with the two transition times my athlete became an Ironman in 15:29:55 hours.

Really great to see the fruits of both our effort and Mark achieve his goal and become an Ironman. Well done Mark!

Mark Gillett is an Ironman!

Mark Gillett is an Ironman!

If you would like to do triathlon and would like some help to train and prepare, I’m, here for you. More info on the website:

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