One Week from the Double Ironman

The Double Enduroman is looming and there is less than a week to go now.
All the training is behind me and I am now in a week of taper to try and ensure I am as recovered and prepared as I can be and that my body is full of fuel and energy.

I have approached this Ultra event very differently to my norm – instead of my usual 32 week block of training I only did a 16 week block. Also, I would typically train up to 40 plus hours on the ‘big’ weeks but I have been trying to keep my training in the region of 14 to 16 hours a week. This was to try and keep a better life/training balance as well as see how much training is actually needed to go Ultra. It’s a risky strategy and one I realise pulls on my last few years of Ultra endurance training and one I won’t know the outcome of until a week today!

The training went reasonably well and apart from a few niggles and aches I feel relatively well prepared.

Injuries during the event would be a potential show-stopper but hopefully I have trained enough to prevent injury problems, after that it’s just down to me my body and more importantly my head!

Apart from injuries (and disastrous weather etc.) it is my head that will be my limiting factor, enter Leigh. Leigh, my wife has a crucial role in all this, she has stuck by me during my training and she will be crewing for me during the event. Without Leigh, there would be no Double for Nick, in fact I wouldn’t even attempt it without Leigh there to support me and look after me. She has a really tough job on her hands and I wonder sometimes if I have the easier task to complete over the two days.

This weekend I have started to gather my swim, bike and run kit as well as ready my bikes and spares. Additionally, I have started to get the camping equipment and gazebo ready (yes, we are also camping pre and post event). So, there is all this to pack as well as the myriad of other kit (lights, computers, electrical charging kit, food, first aid etc.). All this is to be transported in the family car, so I am also borrowing roof box and bike racks for the car. Packing should be fun!

Sat here typing this I am glancing out of the window and watching the rain, I desperately hope we have better weather than previous events at this venue as we have had gale force 10 winds and horrendous rain. I don’t mind if it’s not sunny, just dry and with little orno rain would be great.

Leigh will get as many updates put on the blog as she can but she will have lots of other stuff to do, so be patient but keep up to date with events and of course any messages of encouragement during the race that you can get to us (Leigh) will be passed to me and much appreciated.


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