One Day to Go…

One day to go until the Double Ironman.  Most of the preparation and packing is done.  The car looks rather full!

Hoping for a dry evening tomorrow, Friday, to set up camp, and a dry weekend would be nice.  The weather forecasts differ depending on which website you look at so there’s no certainty on what we are in for weather wise.

As always, at this time before an event, I’m a little nervous, and slightly apprehensive and always seem to feel lots of niggles, sore throat and problems! Lets hope it’s just nerves, and all is well.

Looking forward to my last sleep in a real bed, before camping Friday night and then the event begins.


Keep watching this space for updates…


2 responses to “One Day to Go…

  1. Good luck Nick! Have fun!

  2. Hi Nick & Leigh,
    Best wishes and good luck to the both of you.
    Take care,
    Nigel & Theresa (Abbott)
    Ps Will catch up soon – we have been in Lanzarote since December.

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