Nick Mitchell enjoys participating in endurance events such as Ironman Triathlons, Adventure Racing and Ultra-Endurance Events such as Race Across America (RAAM). Nick is an enthusiastic author and coach and on this blog he takes you with him as he trains for his latest events. 

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  1. Hi Nick

    We would love to stalk you but can’t keep up with all your bloody running.

    Just sit still !!

    We are trying to get in shape to become your baywatch babes for grand opening of the Mitchell Pool.

    Anyway must go and eat Cakes and fat food x

    See ya

    Your ladies

  2. Hi Nick,

    What is the best method to start excercise again. Currently very overweight and have not exercised at all for over 10 years.

    Time is limited due to full time work and family commitments, any advise would be gratefully received.

  3. Hi Gina

    In no particular order I have listed some key things in answer to your questions:

    Do something you enjoy
    First things first, whatever you decide to do you need to look forward to it and enjoy it otherwise you won’t do it for more than a few weeks or possibly days. I know it’s not possible to get pleasure from something all the time but you should look forward to your chosen activity much more often than wanting to avoid it. The word “exercise” conjures up running, cycling, swimming, gym work etc. but maybe you need to think outside the box. Many people don’t relish exercise but do it because “they have to” to keep fit and lose weight.

    Calories in vs. calories out
    Don’t forget the simple principle of changing your body’s weight, calories in versus calories expended determines whether you lose, maintain or put on weight. So if you are to start “exercise” to lose weight then you also must also recognise what calories you are putting back into your body.

    Choose low impact
    However, to answer your question, anyone who is very overweight must remember that weight bearing exercises such as running will put an enormous amount of stress on your joints, limbs and muscles and it is probably not a good idea to go headlong into a running programme. If you are thinking about traditional exercise types start off with the exercises which are low impact and do not use your full body weight such as swimming or cycling. If you don’t have a pool or a bike then power walking would be better than running at least initially. Alternatively you could take up a hobby which would give you a different social outlook and maybe some quality time with your partner and burn loads of calories, why not try something like dancing? Leigh and I took up Ceroc two years ago and I was amazed at how much energy is used. However, if taking up a social hobby you must be aware of the temptations and possible pitfalls, dancing being a social event is often held where alcohol is available and alcohol is relatively high in calories. Alternatively, you may have always had an ambition to scull or row or rock climb. All of these things will burn calories, as well as give you a goal to aim for in the specific “sport” and hopefully maintain your motivation.

    Whatever you decide to do you should at least start off with something low impact and when you are hooked you can move towards more strenuous activities if you want to.

    Before you start
    Before you start it would be a good idea to have a medical check to ensure you are OK to start the activity and so that you have a record of where you are now so you can look back and see your progress.

    Measure your starting point and your progress
    Through exercise and food management you should see not only your weight go down but changes in your other bodily statistics such as heart rate, cholesterol and energy levels etc.
    Fitting it in
    Where do you find the time for all this? It’s always difficult but it’s about the importance of it to you and making the time. On my training schedule’s more demanding weeks I have to train for 20 hours. The only way to fit this in is rise early in the mornings, make sure I take a lunch hour and train and weekends, again rise early and train until I have done my bit and then see what else I can fit in. Whilst I don’t expect everyone to do this, if burning calories is important to you and you see some results for your efforts you will be able to find the time. If you have kids then again you could try and combine family time with exercise by cycling or walking with them. Why not take them sailing or even on a pedalo. There are loads of things kids would love to do, which you can combine with burning calories. In short, burning calories can be as much fun as eating them; you just have to manage the balance between the two.

    In summary
    In summary, start off steadily as going too hard too soon will hurt and put you off. Try to fit in 4 sessions a week of not less than 40 minutes. Find something you want to do. Put time aside to do your activity and try to include the family. Don’t count calories but ensure you eat food of high nutritional value but low calorific value.

    The topic is a big one but I hope that the above answers your questions but if you require more specific details let me know.

  4. Hi Gina

    Leigh here, Nick’s other half. I would like to make a few suggestions for your weight-loss goals.

    Forget counting calories!
    Firstly, the good news is that you don’t need to count calories, points or use any other quota system. Traditional diets that require you to reduce the amount of food you eat don’t work – you may lose weight short-term, but the weight nearly always goes back on again, and usually more than before, so traditional diets have been shown to be poor for long term weight goals. Traditional diets are so last-century!

    The 21st century way to your ideal weight is through healthy eating i.e. the key to successful weight loss lies in what you eat (and what you don’t eat!). If you focus on eating the right foods, the weight will drop off you. You can lose 20 pounds in 6 weeks using this system. And you needn’t worry about it being a dangerous fad-diet that could damage your health. This diet is the healthiest diet on earth. By following this plan, not only will you lose all your excess weight and become naturally slim, you will feel great too. This diet is packed with delicious high-nutrient good-for-you foods that are naturally low-calorie.

    There are so many other powerful benefits.
    Aside from easily attaining your ideal weight, there are numerous other big benefits to eating this way too. Such as developing a powerful immune system to help protect you from colds and flu, and any other diseases that you might be exposed to. And there’s more. Much more. This diet helps prevent all the ‘Western’ diseases such as heart disease and heart attacks, type-2 diabetes, osteoporosis, stroke, autoimmune diseases, kidney stones and even Cancer. This diet lowers blood pressure and lowers cholesterol. On this programme, you can attain your ideal weight without having to feel hungry, and you will glow with health and give yourself a good chance of living a much longer active life too. People following this programme often come off drugs that they’ve been relying on for years (be sure to consult with your doctor before changing your drugs dose).

    You can eat as much as you like, as long as you eat the right foods, you need never go hungry. Only by eating more of the right foods can you successfully be healthy and well nourished and feel satisfied whilst losing weight, feeling great and looking good!

    Are you ready to eat healthily?
    I have loads of information on this, if you’d like some more details, just send me an e-mail telling me what you want to achieve, and I will send you some information on how to achieve what you want. I look forward to hearing from you :o) leigh@salubrity.co.uk

  5. Hi, I would like to say how proud I am of my Auntie and Uncle. I’ve been reading the diary and it knackers me just reading it!!!

  6. Hi Nick
    Thanks so much for the link to your “blog”. Hope that’s the correct terminology!
    Being aware of your IronMan performances, it was extremely interesting to get a better understanding of the rigorous training and preparation regime you put yourself through.
    Very impressive and both Pat and I wish you all the best.
    Unlikely to bump into you again as I’m more or less retired from Modulus and we’re moving at the end of May up to our place in Scotland, 100 miles the other side of Glasgow. Quite a job as it’s the first time we’ve actually moved in 40 years! 40 years of accumulated rubbish to go through.
    My offer to provide a loving, caring home for an orphaned Q7 still holds good.
    Very best regards and good wishes,
    Phil Holt

  7. Being an avid runner, swimmer, cyclist and sometimes fun race participant really enjoyed reading your blog. The best comment of all: “is do something you enjoy…and diets are so out of style”.

    Excellent blog!

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