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Weather for an outdoor life style, at last!

Up early this morning, out on the mountain-bike 8-miles round the forest with the dog.

Then home and a change of shoes for the road-bike and cycled 13-miles in to work.

A longer ride home tonight via a scenic route to get my legs ready for tomorrow’s club ride.

This is the weather for an outdoor life style, at last!

Going to the Vuelta

Looking forward to going to see the Vuelta bike race in Andorra with some mates in September. Better get some hill cycling practice in


The weather is still hampering much of my training.  With snow and ice on the ground it is safer not to run or cycle.

Whilst it can be good fun, the snow can hide pot-holes and other obstacles which can cause injury and I’d rather lose a couple of weeks run/cycle training than risk an injury and many weeks or even months off training.  It is much better to be cautious. 

However, you can move your exercise indoors or confine it to a smaller area than usual outdoors. My Monday Boot-Camp Circuits class moves to one of the Milton Keynes underpasses in this cold weather and we use the lit, dry tarmac area as our base.

Tonight saw a reasonably sized group of hardy souls.  The regulars know that once the initial ‘I don’t want to go out in the cold’ thoughts are overcome and we are in the session and steaming, the cold crisp nights can be quite invigorating.

There are a few things you need to be careful about.  Firstly, you need to be careful getting to where you are to exercise, if there is snow or ice on paths and roads.  Secondly, you need to make sure you warm up properly, and when you finish you need to be careful not to get cold whilst stretching.

In fact I would suggest getting back indoors before stretching.  You don’t have to stretch immediately and it is perfectly acceptable to stretch once showered and changed.  Better to stretch once you are back in the warm, than to try to stretch in the outdoors and get a chill.

A good session, and well done to Morna, who now has excellent abs strength.

Planning for cycling Lands End to John O Groats

I have put a date in the diary for cycling Lands End to John O Groats  – 19 June 2010.  I have set up a 22-week training plan and Leigh and I are working on the logistics of making it happen. 

We’ve contacted the police regarding cycling with a follow-vehicle behind as  in RAAM (Race Across America), but the police have so far been very negative, suggesting that its illegal to go at such a slow speed.  Of course we don’t accept that response, and we’re working on a solution. 

Unfortunately, my very first training session in the plan has been obliterated by a work event – I’ve been asked to host a party at the Manchester United football game on that day.  Never mind, I will re-jig the schedule to accommodate the change.

Why my legs are aching

I went for a gentle club-road-ride on Saturday morning, my first real exercise for a good couple of weeks.  A catalogue of factors have kept me from exercising lately.  I’ve had injury problems, plus the weather has been snowy/icy, and over the Christmas break, the routine is disrupted.  Anyway, I did go out for a steady 42 miles tea-run, with a couple of lads from my local club.  The weather was icy and so there were only 3 of us who braved it, but it was fine, and we had no mishaps. 

On our Saturday morning rides, we usually see many other cyclists, runners, and horse-riders, but on this occasion, the roads were quiet, and we only saw 2 other cyclists, and no runners or horse-riders.

My Christmas gifts of new cold-weather cycling gloves, and winter overshoes were put to good use, and I was toasty-warm.

Now, a couple of days later, my two-and-a-bit -weeks lay-off is telling, and my legs are aching!

A Good turn-out for Boot-camp, despite the cold

For boot-camp circuits class last night, we had a good turn-out, despite the cold weather. 

As we gathered before we started, people were passing us on their way out of the office, and various comments floated such as “you’re not training tonight are you?  In this weather?” and “Wow, you are good, to go in all weathers”.  The answer was, “Yes, we are going!”.  And, yes it was cold, with a crisp white frost underfoot, but there was a lovely clear sky and actually, as soon as we set off, we were warm, and even steaming!  We were fine, and didn’t mind the cold at all.  We thoroughly enjoyed our session and were glad we braved the conditions.

For details about boot-camp circuits class (Milton Keyes,England) visit

The injury problems are being tackled

I’ve been to see my good friend Mark Booth, osteopath and sports injury specialist, to get my niggling injuries looked-at (well more like pummelled, poked, and pressed – hard!).

I’m having trouble with a trapped-nerve in my lower back, and that is causing aches and pains in my hip and leg.  My heel is still not running fit, and so that was added to the list as well.   I came out of the session hurting a lot more than I went in, and with instructions to ice my ankle.  Not something I look forward to, as the weather is sub-zero, and our heating is broken-down and we’re freezing indoors!  Anyway I feel that the painful session has been worth it and it has done some good.

I have another session booked, and hope to be able to beat these problems, and get on with my training.  As it is now the new year, I have a training schedule to get on with to get ready for forthcoming events in 2010.

A Good Turn-Out for Boot-Camp Circuits Class

We had a good turn-out for boot-camp circuits class this evening.  Everyone was expecting cold, but it was 4 degrees Celcius (39F) with no wind, so we didn’t feel cold.  It was a lovely crisp evening for exercise with clear skies, bright moon-light and twinkling stars and everyone enjoyed it.

If you’d like to join us for boot-camp circuits class, in Milton Keyes,England, all details are on

I’m Back from a Great Little Break in Spain

Arrived back in England tonight to cold and wet weather after my little break in Spain.

The weather during my week away could have been better, we did have some cooler days, and a bit of rain, but it was better than the weather in England, where there’s been fierce winds, and heavy rain, with some flooding.

I was staying with my sister in the south of Spain and the mountain-biking was spectacular! There were long winding climbs, short gnarly climbs and long sweeping descents. There were plenty of technical challenges including rocky sections, and loose shale that tested my leg-stamina, lung capacity, and bottle!

Also did some road cycling. Loads of hill climbing, and almost no cars around. Perfect.

I was well looked after by my sister Hilda, and her husband Chris (a very good cook) – lots of food, lots of wine and lots of cycling. Great.

I’m in Spain this week

Just come to Spain for a week’s R and R.  I’m staying with my sister Hilda, and her husband Chris and they’re looking after me very well already.  I’m looking forward to going out cycling and generally enjoying the nice weather and beautiful countryside for the next few days.