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Watching the Tour de France

Chris Froome

Leigh and I are off to meet a few of the guys to have a beer and watch the final stage of the Tour de France on the big screen at the Northampton Picturedrome later.

Well done to Chris Froome, and good luck to Mark Cavendish for the final sprint today

3 Counties Sportive

3 counties sportive
Did 3 counties sportive today. It was meant to be 110KM (68 miles) but a route change made it slightly longer and I rode to the start and back so that made a few more miles for me. Plus some direction signs went missing so we did a couple of short loop backs and I also rode one of the hills twice (well why not!).

Despite not doing much training I felt OK physically, but my head was somewhere else today. That was one of the reasons I rode the hill twice, I wanted a few miles of riding on my own and not in the club group. I had dropped off the back a bit earlier, on pretence of having a wee but one of the guys came back and later the group were waiting for me.

After my double climb of the hill I had a few miles on my own before I caught the group just before the finish se we went over the finish line as a good looking bunch!

Popped Out for 17 miles

Went round the forest on my scooter this morning with the dog, about 7 miles.

Popped out at lunch time on my road-bike for 17 miles round Milton Keynes, very nice.

Flat Out in the Fens

Enjoyed Flat Out in the Fens “The longest sportive challenge in Britain” cycling challenge on Sunday 23 June 2013.

Flat Out in the Fens

Did the Ironman distance of 112 miles with some mates. Very pleased with my time, got round well within the Gold-Standard time. The Gold-Standard time is about 6hrs20mins. Managed to finish in 5hrs 40mins, and that was with a couple of stops at feed stations for chocolate and banana Soreen loaf yum. Plus we got lost because someone had tampered with the signage on the route (it may have been the wind), so we ended up doing an extra 4 miles or so.

Went out with some riders from the Northampton club Treads. There were 9 of us and we all started together but by the end there were 3 of us who finished together, with the others trickling in later.

We had to battle strong winds. The last 20-30 miles the winds were very strong. The forecast had predicted rain, so I took my winter bike, but in the end we only had a little sprinkling of rain which was a bonus, and no punctures or mechanical problems. Did about 80 miles at the front of peloton using the tri-bars and having not done this distance for a while felt a bit sore, but nothing major.

Burned about 4,167 kcals
Averaged 145bpm heart rate, with a maximum of 172
Averaged 19.7mph
Average cadance was 90rpm
Drank 2.5L energy drink on the way round

Enjoyed the day.

Weather for an outdoor life style, at last!

Up early this morning, out on the mountain-bike 8-miles round the forest with the dog.

Then home and a change of shoes for the road-bike and cycled 13-miles in to work.

A longer ride home tonight via a scenic route to get my legs ready for tomorrow’s club ride.

This is the weather for an outdoor life style, at last!

Training Done, Now Feet Up

I’ve completed the third half-ironman distance training session of the weekend (and another three hours on the turbo!). Had bacon, egg and bubble and squeak to re-energise, yum. Now to watch the world track cycling with a coffee and chocolate 🙂

Three hours on the turbo-trainer

Second of three half-Ironman distance training sessions done and post-training fry-up consumed! That’s 45mins swim; 3hr bike ride and 2hr run. Yo. As the weather wasn’t brilliant I did the three hour bike on the turbo trainer, not nice!