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Head-on Collision!

Ran 15 miles this morning, around the forest with the dog.

It’s bin-day here today and the village is very hazardous with rubbish bins and recycling bins littering the paths.


Hazards on the paths on bin-day

Although I do wear a head torch, its difficult to navigate through all the obstacles in the pitch-dark and as I looked down at my watch I had a head-on collision with a large black wheelie-bin. I knocked it over but managed to prevent myself from falling. I was OK, except I hurt my hand.

A cold morning today, with a hard frost, which on the positive side means no mud, and a clean dog that didn’t need washing when we got back.

Introducing our Gorgeous New Puppy!

Let me introduce you to our new puppy. 

Nick with Sterling 9 weeks 

 He is a weimaraner, he’s gorgeous and is now 11 weeks old, silver in colour, with beguiling blue eyes.  Leigh says he’s super-cute.  We’ve named him Sterling which refers to his silver colour but also means genuine, authentic, real, true, pure, excellent, first-rate, exceptional, matchless, incomparable, worthy, admirable and valuable – Leigh chose the name and thinks it’s cool.

He is a joy but is also a handful!  He is definitely a time-vampire requiring frequent attention.  I need my sleep and am extra-tired at the moment because Sterling is also keeping us awake at night!   If you have had a puppy – or kids – you’ll know what time-vampires they can be.  Anyway, this of course is only a phase, and we’ll come through it, but in the meantime, we are sleep-deprived!  He is lovely though, and we’re looking forward to being able to run with him later when he’s old enough.  Sterling doesn’t know it yet but he is going to be my partner in Cani-Cross events.  Cani-Cross is cross country running with your dog and there is a series of races organised in the UK and they are based around this dog/owner team and there are specific classes, rules and regulations.  I can’t wait to get in to this new sport.


We took time-out on Friday to visit the world’s biggest dog-show Crufts, at the NEC Birmingham.  We have been without a dog for a few years now, and now feel ready to take the plunge and get another one.


Up to now we’ve been Great Dane people, but since losing our last Great Dane Titan we have been giving considerable thought to a change of breed.  Although we love the Great Danes, they are somewhat impractical with regard to our lifestyle, and requirements.  We really need a dog that can go in the back of the car to accompany us on outings and holidays, and is happy to go out running with us (unfortunately, the Great Dane is not very good at running any distance).


We’ve been doing quite a bit of research on the internet and in books, and we went to the discover dogs section at Crufts, and we’ve concluded that the perfect fit to our requirements is a Weimaraner.   

We’re looking to take on a rescue Weimaraner sometime from mid-July (after the Ironman event).  Can’t wait :o)  We’ll keep you updated.