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All set

We have arrived on site and managed to set up our tent and the track-side gazebo in the dry. Then we had to register and had a meal before the race briefing.  There are about 20 people in the double ironman competition.

Then it was early to bed in preparation for an early start.

After our camping neighbours finally got their tent up, we had a quiet night.  

Alarm set for 04:15!

Going to the Vuelta

Looking forward to going to see the Vuelta bike race in Andorra with some mates in September. Better get some hill cycling practice in

Last Big Training Day 1 of 4 done

‎1st one of this block done. 2 mile swim, 75 plus mile bike ride and a 15 mile run. 8 hours exercise and a 10 hour day with feed stops and kit changes. and it was dry, yippeeee! Just gotta do it daily for the rest of the weekend.

We did it

Race completed, 58 hours, we did it! After finishing we went for a meal and stayed overnight in a hotel – bliss. Nick is a happy bunny Sent from my Blackberry

Nearly there

Weather still raging, 6 miles to go now…
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Weather 2

15:30 and the weather is horrendous. We have a violent storm that started about 12hrs ago and has been worsoning ever since.

The tent is letting in large amounts of water and we’ve had to take down the gazebo before it took off!

The tent next to ours has been blown to bits by the winds and the couple have gone home as the athlete husband had retired from his race anyway.

Nick is still plodding round and has about 14 miles to go now.

He’s been in for medical attention to some nasty blisters but apart from that, and sore feet he’s fine and still in good spirit but we’ll all be glad when this is over!

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09:45 day 3 (Sunday). A long time since my last update. Nick’s mobile phone ran out of power. I’ve managed to charge it now.

Everything going great. Bike leg completed without a hitch. Nick even stopped for some time to help a fellow competitor (who was ahead of him!).

Run leg now under way.

Nick had a second scheduled 45-minute sleep at 3am and all.went well.

Rain has really set in now, its bucketing down with no let-up in prospect. However, Nick is in good spirits and has buddied up with someone and they’re going round together, having a good chat.

2 marathons distance completed all is well – apart from the RAIN and WIND of course :o)

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