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Thunder Run TR24

Getting ready to run in the Thunder Run (TR24) this weekend at Catton, Walton-on-Trent, Derbyshire.

The Thunder Run is a 24hr relay running race run in continuous laps around a 10km cross-country circuit set in the picturesque Staffordshire countryside. The track twists and turns across varied terrain including bogs, forests, steep hills and open fields.

When its dark through the night, I run with a head-torch. This photo was taken with a long exposure to capture the movement.

Running with a head-torch at the Thunder Run

Running with a head-torch at the Thunder Run

I’m meeting up with some pals to run as a team. We’re camping and the weather forecast is sunny intervals, warm & humid with thundery showers. Well it may be wet, but at least it won’t be perishing cold 😮

Not looking forward to clocks-change

‎14 mile run this morning. A bit misty but light. Next week it’ll be dark early in the mornings, due to the clocks going forward for British Spring Time – boo!

Thigh Trouble

18 miles run this morning, with the dog round the forest. I thought carefully about taking the dog with me on such a long run, but as it turned out, he fared better than me. The dog was fine, but my thigh tweaked badly and the last 6 miles were agony. I had to walk part of the way, and ended up 20 minutes behind schedule.

I’m treating the area with an ice patch whilst I’m working. I’ll review how it is later.

Head-on Collision!

Ran 15 miles this morning, around the forest with the dog.

It’s bin-day here today and the village is very hazardous with rubbish bins and recycling bins littering the paths.


Hazards on the paths on bin-day

Although I do wear a head torch, its difficult to navigate through all the obstacles in the pitch-dark and as I looked down at my watch I had a head-on collision with a large black wheelie-bin. I knocked it over but managed to prevent myself from falling. I was OK, except I hurt my hand.

A cold morning today, with a hard frost, which on the positive side means no mud, and a clean dog that didn’t need washing when we got back.

Nick is Coach to Half-Marathon Team

A team of over 40 people from Audi UK are preparing to take part in the 2011 Milton Keynes Half-Marathon. Many of the runners have never run before and the half-marathon presents a real personal challenge.
Nick has agreed to be their coach for the event, and has set out a training schedule and will be working with them right up until race-day.

Nick with the Half-Marathon Runners - Nick is the one with the flash on his sleeve

Nick with the Half-Marathon Runners
(Nick is the one with the flash on his sleeve)

The Milton Keynes Half-Marathon is taking place on Sunday 13 March and Nick will be there to cheer on the Audi runners, and to run the half-marathon with them.

“How to Run a Marathon” Manual now Available

I have now finished my marathon manual, I started it ages ago and had mostly completed it but some final work was required.  I finished the content and Leigh has edited it and finalised the layout and so it is now completed.  


The manual is designed for running beginners to be able to complete a marathon.  It covers all aspects of training, as well as information on warming up, stretching, and nutrition etc. etc,  Importantly, it also passes-on many of the time-saving and pain-saving tips that I have learnt over my years of training for and participating in running marathons. 


It’s a manual not to be missed if you are new to marathon running or if you want to improve your previous best marathon time.


For more information visit

An update on my recovery from surgery

I am now free of my cast but have an Aircast to wear.  This is a ‘ski boot’ like device which I put on to hobble about but can take off for physio treatment and to aid scar healing etc.


I went to the physio last week and he will let me start to swim next week if the scar is healed sufficiently.  The healing was going OK apart from one small area of the scar which was a bit sore.  The reason for this became apparent on Thursday when I did the typical bloke thing and was picking at the scar.  I thought I found a bit of dead skin but as I tugged at it, it was clear that it was the tip of an internal stitch.  I duly despatched it with a sharp tug and pulled out a piece of thread about 10mm long.


I was really pleased as I thought this was what was delaying the healing and now it would heal quickly and swimming would be on the cards.  However, Friday had me picking at it again only to find another piece of thread.  This time I tugged very hard but it didn’t want to shift.  Off I went to clinic to let the nurse have a look.  She decided that it wasn’t going to come out either and cut it as short as possible and dressed the wound in the hope that it would start to dissolve and allow the scar to heal properly.  So, I am hoping that when I remove the dressing tomorrow the scar will have healed sufficiently, as some form of exercise would be really good. 


The nurse also gave me a severe talking to as she found out I had been walking around at home without my boot on.  This is clearly a no-no and she read me the riot act.


If I can start swimming next week that’ll certainly help me to start to regain my fitness.  The next step is more physio and then in three weeks time the ski boot may be able to be dispensed with.  If the Prof (Surgeon) is happy with that the physio will let me do some static cycling and this should really help speed my recovery and with any luck soon after I may be able to start jogging.


We had some friends round last night and one of them was working hard to convince me that my Achilles will never be the same.  That’s the second person to try to ‘be helpful’ with information about my recovery.  Is it just the nature of us Brits to be so bloody pessimistic?  I include me in that of course.


Meanwhile I am gradually getting my RAAM experience down on paper but it is taking much longer than I thought and I feel that I am only covering the surface of things and not really getting in to the nitty-gritty of all the finer points of the personal interactions and emotions that the team went through.  Maybe I’ll have to put that in later as a separate section rather than threading it throughout the entire read.