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Rest Day and a Little Maintenance

Its a rest day today in my training schedule, so I had an easy 8-mile cycle round the forest with the dog this morning. Might have a swim later.
Been to the physio today, she cracked my back and it feels more comfortable now. Also had ultrasound on my right knee which was feeling a bit tender.

Its Not Too Late to Sponsor Me

Its not too late to sponsor me if you haven’t yet :o)


Getting Ready to go…

Went out with the dog this morning for a 5-mile run, but no exercise session planned for today. I’ll be sleeping at lunchtime, to try and get a 45-minute nap in the bank.

I have a loan vehicle arranged to be delivered this evening, so we’ll be loading up tonight with the large amounts of gathered camping gear, equipment and food and sports nutrition. We’ll be dropping the dog off for a week’s ‘holiday’ with friends tonight and then we’ll be travelling to the site tomorrow (Wednesday), in readiness for official registration and briefing on Thursday. My race begins on Friday at 2pm

My buddy Andy was doing the Decca-ironman event, but unfortunately he has had to pull out after Day-4, with an infection. I’m getting a little paranoid about catching something myself, as several colleagues at the office have come down with viruses this week, and there has been coughing and sniffling in the office. I’m feeling chilly today and I have a dry throat, but is that just my mind playing tricks on me?? I’ve been taking Echinacea and vitamin-C to try to bolster my immune system. After months of anticipation, I don’t want to have to pull out at the last minute because of illness!

Well, wish me luck, please sponsor me if you haven’t already, and keep an eye on the blog for updates during the event.

Two weeks to go

It’s now only two weeks until the Triple Ironman race and I am starting to really focus on what I need to take. The lists are copious as we need camping gear, food, sports gear, normal clothing etc. Etc. Boy the car’s going to be full!

Training has mainly been OK although I have had a ripped quad muscle and some lower back and calf problems, On top of this I had a bout of ‘flu, proper ‘flu not man-‘flu as I was in bed for a week and off exercising for two weeks which was very frustrating, and set me back badly.

At the moment I am permanently tired and napping at lunch rimes as well as sleeping at the weekends after my workout. Last week did a 154 mile bike ride, a 4.5 mile swim and a 27 mile run and did feel a tad knackered. The dog is lovin’ all the running and managed the 27 miles comfortably.

Why I Had an Impromptu Rest Day!

Set the alarm last night to get up and go for a swim this morning, but didn’t press the right button and the alarm didn’t go off!

Woke up at 06:45, too late to swim, so I’ve ended up with an impromptu rest day!

Out at a do tonight so I can’t fit a workout in. Had a nice nap at lunch-time so getting as much sleep in the bank as possible. I need all the sleep I can get as sleep is just as important as training and its hard to get enough sleep with such a busy schedule.

Cycling today, nursing my injured thigh

A cycling day today (mountain bike), which is handy, because I can cycle with my injured thigh, where I wouldn’t want to be running today.

Cycled 6.5 miles round the forest with the dog first thing, then home to drop the dog off, and cycled 11 miles in to work, taking my mileage up to 18 miles, then cycled round Milton Keynes with a couple of colleagues at lunch time, adding another 14 miles and then cycled home, making the total about 43miles.

Mostly steady paced today. The dog trots at about 8 miles per hour so an easy cycling pace, and the lunch time ride was also at a steady pace. A little faster on my way to and from the office.

Tried out the Reskin patch today (anti-chafing patch to protect the skin where sitting-bones meet saddle). It seems to be working nicely, although not quite big enough to cover the area I need. Reused the same patch for each cycling session, with the adhesive gradually getting less sticky. It looks like four or five times is the limit for one patch. That’s fine, that’s what it says on the tin, and I’m happy with that.

Saw the physiotherapist today about my thigh, which has come out badly bruised now, since tearing yesterday morning, and it’s noticeably swollen just above the knee. Clair the physio said it was a ripped muscle, and not a ligament. This is good news, because muscle can repair itself much quicker than ligament. A muscle tear will hopefully be recovered in a couple of weeks, where a ligament would take more like a couple of months.

Clair treated the area with ultra-sound and I’ve got a cool-patch on it to reduce the swelling.

Thigh Trouble

18 miles run this morning, with the dog round the forest. I thought carefully about taking the dog with me on such a long run, but as it turned out, he fared better than me. The dog was fine, but my thigh tweaked badly and the last 6 miles were agony. I had to walk part of the way, and ended up 20 minutes behind schedule.

I’m treating the area with an ice patch whilst I’m working. I’ll review how it is later.