Only 52 miles to run…

Bike segment finished.  On to the 52 miles run/walk.  It is night and much of the course is through woodland with no lighting so it is pitch black.  So, a head torch is the order of the day and also a high–viz bib is compulsory.


17 bike laps done

17 laps on the bike done and NIck is making steady progress. 

As dusk fell the bike lights had to go on the bike and the high-visability jacket regulations came into force.

Nick’s knee is troublesome and we are just about keeping it under control with nurafen gel and painkillers.  He also has sore feet and various other niggles but is driving on.

He has moved up another few places, and after 15 laps was lying in 8th place.  

3  more bike laps to go and then it’s 48 laps of the 1.1 mile circuit to complete the 52 miles run

One in the eye!

The Enduroman Ultra events are being held at Avon Tyrell, a great venue in the new Forest, near Bournemouth.  Unfortunately the venue is also home to millions of midges! I have numerous bites already, and am collecting more as we progress.  I am not looking forward to this evening when they’ll be out in force.  They don’t wait for evening though, they’ve been harrassing us all day.  A large one has even just flown into my eye!

Moving up through the field…

After his problems in the swim, Nick was in 15th place after the swim but after 10 laps on the bike he has moved up to 11th place.  Not brilliant, but better!

Happier on the bike…

After one lap on the bike (37 minutes) Nick came in complainin of feeling like a “boil-in-the-bag” and quickly shed a layer before going out for lap two.

He’s much happier now he is on the bike and I think he is benefitting from having had a lot more time in the saddle lately than he has swimming. 

Weather is still fine at the moment and he is now counting off the laps.


A disappointing swim…

Nick has finished the swim portion of the double ironman.

He had some problems with cramp in his calves and was struggling through the pain.  I think he was feeling the consequence of not doing so much swim training prior to this event!

He eventually finished with a disappointing time of about 2hrs48mins for the swim. He came out of the water in 15th place, out of about 23 competitors. He was not a happy bunny!

He was cold after transition to bike gear and came in to the gazebo for a hot full english breakfast before setting off on the bike.

And they’re off…

We were up at 04:15 for a quick porridge in the tent, ablutions and then bike racking at 05:00 and down to the lake ready for a 06:00 start of the double ironman. Weather is being kind to us this year and we have calm and mild conditions.  The water is not too cold – well for British people anyway, there was one poor guy from India who is used to swimming in water at 25oC.

They .set off and apart from confusion regarding the counting procedure and all was well.  Swimming laps under way..