Sorry – The pool is no longer available

Now you can Swim in a private Pool

Swimming Pool Hire

The Salubrity pool is located at Hackleton near Northampton, England


Swim at a Time to Suit You

You can book a session in the endless pool to suit your training times.  Pool is available 24/7 for pre-booking of private sessions so you can fit your swimming in around your busy day.

No Other Swimmers Getting in Your Way

You can have the pool to yourself.  You may book in one-hour sessions (you may book for more than one hour if you wish), and swim without interruption or obstruction.

Fed up With The Public Swimming Pool Too Hot to Train in?

The temperature is set to be not too cold to get in but without overheating during your training session.

Want to Train Wearing Your Wetsuit?

You are welcome to swim wearing your wetsuit if you wish

Fed up with Lap Swimming, Where You Have to Keep Turning at The End of the Pool?

In the Salubrity pool you swim against a current, so there is no turning, meaning that you can continue swimming uninterrupted. This type of swimming is a much better likeness to the open-water swimming done in triathlons.

Want to See How Your Stroke Looks?

You will get instant feedback on your stroke from the underwater mirror.

Plus, if you would like a video to show you how your stroke looks, you can book a video of your swim, which you can take away on DVD.  This means you can look at your technique and monitor your improvement.

Want to Improve Your Stroke or Speed?

Instruction to improve your swim times or any facet of triathlon available from Nick Mitchell, ASA and BTA qualified coach.

To discuss using the Salubrity pool, video analysis or coaching services contact Leigh on 0844 963 2380

Pool Tariff

Sorry – The pool is no longer available

The Endless Pool enables you to swim against a variable current meaning you don’t have to worry about coming up to the end of the pool and turning round.

Pool is available for bookings 24hrs, 7 days a week so you can fit your training into your busy day.

Once booked the pool will be available for you, without anyone else to get in your way, and the water is heated, but to a sensible temperature for training (not too hot, like in a public pool). The pool is warm enough to swim without a wetsuit, but you may swim wearing a wetsuit if you wish, for practice.

Hire of pool, one hour session (you may book multiple sessions)                    £10

DVD with above-water video footage of your swimming                                   £20

Swimming lesson with ASA and BTA qualified coach.

Beginners and Improvers one-to-one, 30 minutes.                                             £35

Block of 6 swimming lessons

(each lesson to be taken at any time within 12 months.)                                  £198

Body Composition Analysis.  Includes body fat percentage; metabolic rate

and equivalent age, visceral rating                                                                         £10

To book a session or lesson at the Salubrity Pool or to discuss your needs, contact Leigh on customerservice@virtualhealhclub.com or Tel: 0844 963 2380


One response to “Pool

  1. Hi,
    I’m really interested in booking the endless pool to help with my training through the Colder months when open water gets more difficult, and was wondering how I go about this? And also it says 1 hour session but could you book more than 1 hour? Say 2/3 hours at one time??
    Many thanks

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