Quintuple Ironman 2012

06-10 June 2012
2.4 Miles Swim ~ 116 Miles Bike ~ 26 Miles Run
X Five Days!

Nick will be tackling his longest endurance racxe ever in June 2012 – the QUINTUPLE Ironman-Distance Enduroman UK yes that’s FIVE Ironman Distance races on consecutive days.

The event takes place from 06 -10 June 2012 and comprises a complete Ironman distance event on each of the five days.

Supporting YOUR Charity

For this event, Nick invites you to support your own charity and tell us about your donation, pledge or time spent here on this page.
Please tell us in the comments below:
* What is your favourite charity (feel free to include a link)
* If you are going to make a donatation to your charity, and if so how much
* If you are going to pledge some time to your charity, if so how much. Even if it is to just go through their website to get to know what they are doing.
We’ll keep a note of how much people have pledged and show a total here on this page. Please take the time to support your favourite charity in some way and tell us about it below. It really helps to spur Nick on when he’s tackling his event.

Nick’s wife Leigh will be supporting crew, with the kind help from Mark Gillett – thanks Mark!

The event starts at 06:00 on Wednesday 06 June 2012. On each day, the first segment is the 2.4 miles swim, which will be taking place in open water, in the lake.
The swim is immediately followed by jumping on the bike for 116 miles of cycling.
Then comes the 26 miles run (a full marathon). The route for the run presents some hazardous terrain including woodland, tree roots, and tough climbs and will include racing in the dark at night so Nick will need to wear a head torch to navigate through the dark woods.

The event is scheduled to finally finish on Sunday 10 June. This is the crazy world of the endurance athlete, not the normal world of triathlon racing!

Location The Enduroman Ultra Triathlon Championships are taking place at the Avon Tyrrell Outdoor Centre, Bransgore, Hampshire, England BH23 8EE, which is in a 65 acre private estate in the stunning New Forest.

Location Google Maps ·   Location Directions ·  Location Site Map
Race Website: www.enduroman.com

Check out the blog for the latest News


16 responses to “Quintuple Ironman 2012

  1. Good Luck Nick, I’ll be there for you xx

  2. My chosen charity is: Hillside Animal Sanctuary http://www.hillside.org.uk
    I pledge £10.00.

    Good luck. I think you are daft but admiral.

  3. Thanks Leigh, I know you will and without you I clould not contemplate such an event. Thanks Joyce and let’s hope the support keeps rolling in! Yours in Sport, Nick

  4. Hi Nick,

    My first pledge of £15 is to Sands (http://www.mksands.co.uk/) which is a charity supporting anyone affected by the death of a baby & promoting research to reduce the loss of babies lives. This is in memory of Lucy & Byron Banks baby boy Oliver who didn’t successfully complete the journey to his new life.

    My second charity is St Gemma’s hospice in Leeds. They looked after my Granddad & family in his final few days after a short fight with cancer. I pledge £15 and my Dad (Andrew Barden) pledges £35.

    Good luck with the whole 5 days!! Go Nick Go!!

  5. Hi Nick , Chez is taking part in a 3 hour Zumba charity event on Sunday so donated £10 to this after reading the enclosed – Keep going Cheers Adders

  6. Hi Nick,

    My sister and I have completed a 10K run this morning in Regents Park for Lifeblood: The Thrombosis Charity (http://www.thrombosis-charity.org.uk/cms/index.php) and we’ve raised over £700 (both pledging £25 to partake). I have nominated this charity after losing my mum very suddenly to a blood clot aged only 42 when I was 17. We really want to continue helping this small medical charity fund more clinical research into the causes of blood clots so another family can be spared the pain and anguish of losing someone ‘just because’.

    You are an incredible athlete and I wish you the very best of luck for the epic challenge that lies ahead.

    Laura Taylor

  7. Hi Laura

    Great job on the fund raising front, and in doing the 10K as well. Hope you both enjoyed it!



  8. Hi Sam

    Many thanks to you and your Dad for supporting me. I hope I enjoy it as much as your Dad enjoyed his LEJOG trip.



  9. Hi Paul
    Hope Chez is Zumburing hard for you!

    Thanks for the support


  10. Hi Nick, Chez completed it , so top job.
    Keep up the good work – Adders

  11. Hi Nick, you are completely mad I have no idea how you do these challenges but good luck in your quest. I have pledged to raise at least £175 for Shelter by completing the London Nightrider event, riding through the night from Alexandra Palace 100km around London. I start at 01.00 on Sunday 10th June so I will be thinking of you as I cycle through the night for Shelter and sending you good luck thoughts as I dodge drunken folk spilling out of the clubs and pubs in central London.
    Shelter will help anyone with a housing problem, whether they are a home-owner struggling to pay their mortgage, a tenant in conflict with their landlord or to people who are trying to escape bad housing and homelessness.

  12. Hi Stuart

    Great effort and thanks for the info. I hope all goes well with your event. Let me know oncwe you’ve finished.



  13. Incredible task ahead of you, good luck Nick!

    I have donated £10 to UNLOCK which works to help gain equality for reformed offenders. They aim to reduce crime by overcoming the social exclusion and discrimination preventing them from successfully reintegrating into society and leading crime-free lives. I was very impressed and inspired by their secretary’s talk on a Four Thought podcast which I listened to whilst I running, so thought it appropriate (not because you have ever been in jail… I don’t think?!). GOOD LUCK!

  14. … £12.50 including gift aid!

  15. Good luck Nick. £10 + Gift Aid is going to the Salvation Army.

  16. Hi Nick,
    My pledge of £10 is to Sands (http://www.mksands.co.uk/) which is a local charity supporting anyone who has been affected by the loss of a baby. I am donating this in memory of a beautiful boy Oliver Banks whose parents Lucy & Byron will never forget him.
    Well done Nick, what an amazing achievement, don’t think there is much left for you to do!

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