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Midnight Man

My next Ironman distance event is  Midnight Man  a small event taking place at Dartford, England on 11-12 August 2018.  This is a single Ironman distance event, and so relatively straightforward.  I will not be able to have any help, so no crew duty for Leigh this time. Unusually, this race runs overnight, starting at 6pm on Saturday 11th and finishing the next day, on the Sunday.

The medal

Well, Nick continued with his strong running right through to the end, and moved forward to finish in sixth place, adding the Double Ironman distance Enduroman medal to his collection.   Overall a success despite the poor begining.


Move on up…


37 laps done and Nick is still going well, although the weather is warming up and coould soon become too hot for comfort.  He has been moving up places and currently lies in 7th place.

He’s Flying…

Nick is now flying round at a brisk pace.  Going well.  35 laps done of the 48 13 to go.

One Down, One to Go!

At 05:30 Nick was falling asleep on his feet, and so he decided to take a nap, as he could trip and fall.  After a refreshing sleep, he is back on the track and has now completed 24 laps – half way.  One more forest-track marathon to go.

It’s been 24 hours so far…

Nick is OK so far on the run portion of the double ironman.  We expected that he would have to walk it but he has been jogging, so that’s good news.

We’ve been up 24 hours now so feeling tired, but we have come through the hardest part of the night when the body shouts at you to sleep, and so we should be OK to the finish now.


Only 52 miles to run…

Bike segment finished.  On to the 52 miles run/walk.  It is night and much of the course is through woodland with no lighting so it is pitch black.  So, a head torch is the order of the day and also a high–viz bib is compulsory.